Code of Conduct

Welcome to Schloss Drachenburg!

Please remember that you are on the grounds of a listed architectural monument, the character of which we would like to preserve. Please note too that these grounds are private.To make your stay as pleasant as possible and to ensure your safety on this cultural heritage site, we would request you to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

1. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask our staff in the Schloss Drachenburg reception area or the supervisors in the castle itself.

2. The entire area is listed as a historical monument and may not be altered. That area includes the castle complex and the parkland which features both steps and steep pathways. We would draw your attention to the uneven ground surface and to the danger of tripping up – both indoors and outdoors. That being so, you will appreciate that we cannot accept liability for any damage to personal property caused by simple negligence. This means in effect that you enter the grounds of Schloss Drachenburg at your own risk. If you decide to leave the paths, we would respectfully ask you to take extra care so that you do not place yourself at risk on terrain that is impassable in parts. Please note that only limited winter maintenance service, or none at all, is provided in certain areas and on certain pathways.

3. Please act with consideration for other visitors. Refrain from any conduct that may annoy others or put them at risk. We reserve the right to treat any contravention of this rule as a breach of the peace and take appropriate action.

4. Open fires and barbecues are forbidden.

5. The consumption of food and drink in the castle and exhibition rooms is prohibited. You are also asked not to consume food and drink brought from outside in the Schloss Drachenburg bistro and restaurant.

6. Please note that you are not allowed to use hiking sticks or other sticks in the castle or the front building. However, this rule does not apply to walking aids designed for medical purposes.

7. It is not permitted to take dogs or other animals into the castle and exhibition. Elsewhere in the grounds, dogs must be kept on a leash. Help us to keep the Schloss Drachenburg grounds clean and tidy by cleaning up after your dog if necessary.

8. Teachers, group leaders, parents and legal guardians are responsible for the behaviour of the children and young people in their charge.
9. When special events are taking place, the Schloss Drachenburg management reserves the right to restrict admission to the Schloss Drachenburg complex in terms of both time and space. We kindly request you to comply with any corresponding arrangements.

10. Taking photographs and/or filming with camcorders is permitted for private purposes only. However, special exhibitions are excluded. Any photo, sound and film recording not made solely for private purposes requires the written approval of the Schloss Drachenburg management. Attention is herewith drawn to the provisions of copyright law. Members of the press going about their work may take photographs following consultation with Schloss Drachenburg management.

11. It is generally forbidden to touch the exhibits. Exceptions to this rule will be clearly marked. When in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition pieces, please be careful when handling articles in your possession so that they do not inadvertently cause damage to the exhibits.

12. Only the Schloss Drachenburg management may organise and carry out guided tours through the castle and front building. The staff in the Schloss Drachenburg Visitors Centre will be happy to provide further information and/or advise on booking procedures.

13. The supervisory staff acts on behalf of the Schloss Drachenburg management. As such, they have been instructed to ensure that the Code of Conduct is observed at all times. For this reason, visitors are required to follow the instructions of the supervisory staff. Should the Code of Conduct or the instructions of the supervisory staff be ignored, then an authorised member of the Schloss Drachenburg management team may request the person(s) involved to leave the premises.

14. Visitors who repeatedly disregard the Code of Conduct and the instructions of the supervisory staff may be banned from entering the premises permanently. In the case of a ban from the premises, the money paid for admission will not be refunded.

Thank you most cordially for your support. We wish you a pleasant stay at Schloss Drachenburg.


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